The Great Wizard Jenkins

"The sum of the past is
I was.
The sum of the future is
I will be.
The continuous crossing back and forth
Between the two
Obscures the present moment.
The I am,
Being itself."

- The lost writings of Hu Wsin
Translation: Roy Melvyn (via ashramof1)

"This is the present condition:
Birth is the entry to phenomenality.
Death is the exit from phenomenality.
All that requires insight is:
Who is born and who dies?
Or better stated:
What is born and what dies?"

- The lost writings of Wu Hsin
Translation: Roy Melwyn (via ashramof1)

"He who fights with monsters should be careful he doesn’t become a monster himself. Unless that makes him more effective at fighting monsters. Like he becomes a badass werewolf who knows how to use a sword and has magic armor. That’d be so rad."

- Nietzsche (via doc-sarge)

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"All I can say Emma, is: fuck them"


Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett in a letter to Emma Watson

Feminists are rallying round Emma Watson after 4chan members threatened to leak nude photos in response to her UN speech about gender equality. Read more »

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Peeptoe shoes should all be destroyed and banned.


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